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Organizational Values:

Hope, Safety, Stability, Dignity, and Hospitality

Our 2023 Impact - IHN Family Shelter

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Connected more than 530 community members to resources for temporary housing and rental & utility assistance.

Provided 12 families with case management, financial independence, good tenancy, parenting, and counseling services and support.

12 families with 19 adults


24 children, experienced safety, support and shelter

8 out of our 12 families transitioned to stable housing. 

Over 600 volunteers provided nearly 3,500 bed nights to our families along with warm homemade dinners and evening companionship

Did You Know?

$12,500 is the direct program cost to provide temporary housing and case management for four families for 45 days

$1,300 is the cost for a month for a family to be housed in our one transitional unit.

$3,200 is the average first and last month's rent plus a deposit for a two bedroom apartment in Colorado Springs

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