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The Interfaith Hospitality Network

Short-term Temporary Shelter

Safe, comfortable sleeping rooms are provided to IHN guest families for one week at a time at the physical facilities of one of our faith community partner congregations. Volunteers of the hosting congregation, with supporting congregation partners, provide meals and evening hospitality to the guest families. Guest families in the program are not allowed to have outside guests, for the safety and confidentiality of other guest families. We like to keep our network and families safe, together. Family Promise staff provide training and support between guest families and hosting congregational volunteers.

Referral Services

Family Promise of Colorado Springs is well known and respected within the Colorado Springs/El Paso County community. As a result, we receive many contacts for various types of assistance. For those who require assistance that we do not provide, every effort is made to connect them to a local agency that is most appropriate to providing the requested assistance. It is not unusual for Family Promise to receive scores of contacts each month and connect those individuals with appropriate resources.


Case Management

Community Support

Our Case Management services stress the long-term importance for our guest families to build a healthy network of relationships within the community, which can provide the resources and resiliency needed avoid a return to homelessness in the future. We help parents create or improve their resume, prepare for employment interviews, and acquire appropriate apparel and personal appearance to meet prospective employers.


Parenting Skills

The family services manager provides simple and practical techniques to help parents to reduce their stress and improve communication with their children. Practical tools and techniques that help adults achieve respectful, healthy relationships with their children are discussed.


Housing Advocacy

The family services manager assists guest families in obtaining affordable housing and educates them on ways to prevent a return to homelessness. Through the budgeting section of the Financial Literacy program, shelter expenses in addition to the rent, are discussed and families are encouraged to get and evaluate complete cost information from potential landlords.

Application Process

Please call us at 719-329-1244 to learn more about program qualifications and application process. 

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