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Eligible Activities

Financial Assistance Offered: 

  • Rental assistance (up to $2500) 

  • Utility payments to prevention (up to $500)

  • Security and utility deposits to maintain housing stability (up to $2500) 

  • Combination of financial assistance (up to $2500) 

*All financial assistance will be paid directly to third-party vendors, not households.

Eligible Participants

Household Qualifications: 

To qualify for the Karen Horgen Prevention Program *KHPP), households must meet the following criteria: 

Households with at least one adult and one dependent child under the age of 18 years old (or 21 is student status).


  • Households income is less that 70% of the metropolitan Area Media Income (AMI) of Colorado:

  • Households must be capable of demonstrating at least 1.5 times the cost of rent/mortgage.

  • Resident of El Paso County. See state law 33-1-102(38), C.R.S. for more information regarding residency laws.





  • Households unable to demonstrate the ability to sustain future housing costs.


  • Households currently experiencing houselessness, including those in transitional housing, are not eligible for KHPP funds.

  • Households owing more than the cost of the maximum allowance for financial assistance offered under the KHPP.

Program Requirements

Program Duration:


Assistance to households will not exceed one-time assistance, and households must complete the following before receiving any assistance:


  • Complete the financial class “Houseless to Hero - Finance Basics for Taking Back Control of Your Money” or an equivalent financial awareness course approved by the Family Services Program Manager. DO NOT COMPLETE ANY COURSE UNLESS CONTACTED FOR LOTTERY APPROVAL: money


  • Households currently experiencing homelessness, including those in transitional housing, are not eligible for KHPP funds.


Program Selection:


Household applications will be accepted from the 1st through the 10th of each month. LATE AND EARLY SUBMISSIONS MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED. Four eligible households will be selected via lottery each month. Households will be notified of acceptance by the 15th of each month or the first business day following a weekend or holiday.


  • Households not accepted may reapply the following month.


Case Management:

Family Services staff will collaborate with households to provide all required supporting documentation. Family Services staff may request that households complete additional tasks or provide additional documentation as required. Tasks are not mandatory; however, failure to complete any request from Family Services staff may result in disqualification from the KHPP. Examples include but are not limited to, service plans, budgets, eviction notices, utility shut-off notices, and other relevant documents and tasks to qualify for the KHPP.


Data Tracking:

Family Services staff will strictly track applicants internally. Data input into federally regulated systems, such as the Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS), may disqualify applicants from further funds.


The program is intended to be an additional resource to families to fill gaps in programs such as the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP), Temporary Rental Assistance Grant (TRAG), Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) programs, or other Continuum of Care Coordination tracking measures.

Required Documents:

  • Ten-Day Demand Notice or other form of payment demand.

  • Proof of income, by the way of:​​​

    • Pay stubs

    • Bank statements

    • TANF statements

    • Housing Voucher assistance statement

  • Adult Identification:

    • DL

    • Passport

    • Birth Certificate

    • Other I-9 Approved Identification Verification

  • Child Identification:

    • DL

    • Passport

    • Birth Certificate

    • Other I-9 Approved Identification Verification

  • Lease or Mortgage Statement (Lease must show the total/number of bedrooms/lease length/signature).

  • Release of Information Form with authorization to contact the appropriate agency’s contact information (phone and email).

  • Ledger provided by leasing agent if leasing.

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